Daniel Müller

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"An old hip hop head who likes gaming and code"


"Wipe the sweat off my dome, spit the phlegm on the streets. Suede Timbs on my feet makes my cipher complete"

My name is Daniel Müller and I live in Åsa with my kids. I work as an application specialist for an e-commerce platform with it's base in Gothenburg. I do pre-studies for customer projects, estimations on development and lots of other stuff.

I could have a whole section here about my everyday life and my beautiful kids but I will instead focus on me! Yes only me for once. What do I do and like besides family and work? I love gaming and play on PS4 and PC mostly. I like coding and I enjoy front-end web development just as much as backend code.

I also like music, actually so much I decided to dedicate a whole section below to it. I used to be a dj and still collect vinyl. These days all the scratches and mixes are done in our livingroom. My days in the club are far far away. Which is nice because I also like to sleep and not waking up with a serious hangover (that still happens sometimes oddly enough).

What? You're still reading? Huh, well not much more to say about me. I love my job. Got three kids. Used to be a dj. Prefer to play vinyl. Contact me? For what? Chit chat? Pictures of my ordinary life? Want me to build you a website? You have lots of money you want to give me? Well all contact information is at the bottom.

Audi 5000 G


"Cool cats collect vinyl"


"Feeling kinda' old for this shit. But the kid inside of me don't know when to quit"



I once went under the name Dj 4star and I was a member of the swedish hip hop group Mics Of Fury. During the late 90's and early 00's we released some EPs, 12inches and one Album. I don't really make any music at the moment but I do keep the scratching alive and might pick it up someday again. There's some old and very various tracks on my soundcloud that you find a link to in this section.


"Drop me a note or something"

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